Self-management Part 1

Self-management, it is exactly what the name suggests.

Handling yourself in the different situations life throws at you with a positive attitude is what we define as self-management, but this is not such a narrow topic to be understood by a few lines, it has a vast meaning and pretty more steps are involved here to truly know and get going with the process of self-management.

This can be divided into nine segments, the nine skill sets that will help you move towards self-management in a very efficient way;

  1. Self-awareness

The first most importance skill-set that you should have in terms of self-management is self-awareness. Now self-awareness simply speaking that you should know yourself, the unknown self is not something that is worth living.

To being some changes in oneself, one must be aware of who they really are and what they really stand for and so is this skill set of self-awareness. To get to know your true self you must ask yourself certain questions and make improvements, ask if you are lazy and if the answer is yes, go ahead and ask why? Ask yourself, if you love the work you do and can you go ahead and work an extra hour if yes? Why and if no? Why? What drives you? What is your passion? Where does your heart belong to?

What makes you feel motivated? Who makes you feel comfortable? Who do you hate? And why? And who do you love? And why?

 All these questions when answered along with a very intellectual and thoughtful reasoning will open doors to your true self that you were not even aware of and didn’t even know that it existed.

Ask yourself about yourself and get to know yourself to function in a better and an efficient way.

  1. Self-Confidence

Self-confidence is just how you carry yourself and how easily have you been able to present your thoughts to others and how do you keep a track of yourself and make sure that you own the room when you enter one.                                                                                                 

Since asking questions has proven to be a very good method to get the try answers let’s try this once again and ask yourself.

Are you confident? Or, are you over confident? Or are you lacking in confidence? You may be one of these three categories. And you may be confident at some time, some aspects of your life, but completely lacking in confidence in something else. Which part of your life you are lacking in confidence? Then, do you believe in you that you have the strength and power within you to achieve anything that actually amounts to your confidence— that is the inner confidence. Okay, outside you are embarrassed with something and then you are not exhibiting a sense of confidence. But inside you—do you believe deeply in you that you have that power, you have that strength to accomplish whatever you want in your life? If you have it, you are confident, and if you don’t, you need to develop. And there you have it, your answer your reason to develop and improve yourself.

  1. Mind-set

Mind-set is again a very important skill-set that you need to develop in terms of self-management skills. The most important thing—do you have a positive or negative mindset? Do you always see the rosy picture of life or always look at something that is gloomy? Is your mind looks at problems or comes out with solution to problems? Are you a problem creator or a problem solver? So, there are people in any situation—they will first look at the problems, and there are others in any situation, they always try to see the best possible solution that can be arrived at. What is it that your mind thinking about? Is it problem-creating or solving the problems? Then, the other aspect of mind-set; do you have a rigid fixed mind-set or a flexible growth mind-set?

           Growth mind-set people—always know that there is so much to learn and then 

           They make mistakes, but they learn from the mistakes, they develop, they                 

            Enhance and then they grow. So just see whether you are in the fixed or in the  

            Growth mind-set.

These are the first 3 set of skills that are to be attained in order to move towards the path of self-management.

The other two sets are continued in the next article…

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