Monthly Archives: July 2019


“What defines you? What are the words that define your existence? Is there a reason to it? Are your good deeds defining your life? Do the people around you remember you for your work?

 Are you living a meaningful life? Do you have a goal?”

These are a few questions you must ask yourself daily if you’re trying to live a life that’s worth more than anything you can think of.

Sit back, look at your life from a wide angle and let things fall into your perception while you examine what you do and where you belong, notice the things you do on a daily basis, the people you meet, the amount of time and dedication you give into the work you are doing, just take a moment and see what your life really is.

It’s been said that it is the people to whom you spend maximum amount of time define the 80% of your happiness and peace in your life, take a look once again and see if you are surrounded by the ones who make that 80% worth it or are the ones who ruin the remaining 20% and maybe take a little time to set things into a better perspective.

To know how to get these people have a positive effect on your life you must know how to interact with them and for that you must have a set of soft skills that serve to be of a greater use here. You must know what you want from these people who are around you, cause your success is not just yours, remember that.

You must know how to ask someone, to ask the universe what you want but before you can ask someone of something you must know what you really want.

You wake up each day, follow the same routine, do the work assigned to you at a time assigned, but have you ever thought how the things you do can make an impact on the people around you, what are they going to remember you for?

Just know that you are here in this world, and you are here to leave a mark on it. You have got to wake up everyday remind yourself that, this is the only life you have, you can either make the best out of it, make yourself be remembered as the best at what you do and do things that start a ripple in the ocean of change, you are here to put a dent on the world, as quoted by Steve jobs.

Dedicate your time to the work that will bring a difference and add to your quality of life, being a task with a the end in mind so you know where you’re headed to, and maybe just give up on the task that do not add any value to your personality and your development.

That is why things just fall away in the face of death leaving only what is truly important. Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose.

Make the best out of what you have, so knowing where it all ends gives you a purpose to live a life worth remembering.