Monthly Archives: May 2022

Three step to be more visible at work

 An big part of succeeding at your job or getting promoted is making sure your work is seen and recognized — by the right people. If you do great work — but seniors don’t see it — it’s unfortunately hard for them to back you for a promotion or put you on high profile projects.

To make things harder, many jobs have gone at least partially remote — with less face-to-face time with your management, it’s even harder to be visible. 

If career progession at your job is something you prioritize, you should take an active role in identifying ways you can be more ‘seen’. Here are three quick, no-fluff ideas you can use to hack your visibility at work:

 Contribute to shared documentation

Most teams and companies have internal knowledge bases or documentation (e.g. wikis, Confluence pages or Notion docs). Contribute to key documents — make suggestions to processes and ask thoughtful questions you’re interested in publicly.

Write strong post-meeting emails

A big misconception is that writing up meeting recaps is a low status job. But it’s not — writing up good recaps is rare, gets remembered, and allows you to influence things.

  Tip: Share decisions, summarize the key takeaways, your action items, and add your personal take.

Talk to your manager

Tell your manager that getting promoted is a priority for you, and you’re open to being pulled into projects across new departments or take on more responsibility. Take note of all your achievements, however small.